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Best Bargain of Ownership

With the advantages of durability and reliability, RUGGEDBOOK is designed to resist extreme environments. You can lower the damage and failure rate of handheld units in operating and save the cost of spare equipment and long-term maintenance. It concerns to have less change of losing business opportunities and a great chance of successful business negotiation when customers purchase rugged computers result in best bargain of ownership. By using RUGGEDBOOK, not only it increases production efficiency, but also improve profits causality. Total cost of ownership (TCO) can be reduced as well.

As a ruggedized computer, RUGGEDBOOK provides high performance and versatile functions to global customers, and is your best business partner in accomplishing daily tough applications.
Cutting-Edge Design & Configuration

To operate under a variety of applications and rigid environments, RUGGEDBOOK combines the latest hardware design with a protective enclosure

Hardware– To meet a variety of rugged application, RUGGEDBOOK applies innovative Intel platform, battery sustains an optimal capability of 6 hrs, and ensures the system´s reliability under wide temperature range (from -20°C to +60°C).
Mechanics– To withstand the rigid condition, RUGGEDBOOK features fanless design, well bumper protection and housing enclosure to pass MIL-STD-810F and IP54/65. Meanwhile, it´s equipped with an outdoor/sunlight readable display for outdoor activities like field service etc.
Integration– To empower the excellent functionality, RUGGEDBOOK is equipped with networking, wireless communication such as WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G / 3.5G, RFID, barcode reader, and camera.
OEM/ODM Flexibility
With decades of experiences in the manufacturing and designing of rugged computers, SAMWELL has excellent skill in OEM/ODM and customized computers, as well as the after-sale services. We are capable of providing:
       *Expertise in engineering to meet customers´each and every unique requirement.
       *Complete logistics, production lines, and certifications.
       *Dedicated project managers for OEM/ODM key accounts.
Full Series Products
SAMWELL-RUGGEDBOOK owns a complete series of rugged products to fulfill customers´demand under any weather conditions, as well as extreme working environments. By use of a variety of our products from rugged PDA, semi-rugged UMPC, rugged tablet PC, to convertible rugged notebook, customers can easily capture/retrieve data and transmit/receive information anytime and anywhere. With such ruggedized designs, RUGGEDBOOK provides safety, durability, and trust-worthy for all customers and end-users.

All series of RUGGEDBOOK products meet with a variety of standard requirements for performance, durability, and environmental impact.

Ingress Protection (IP) Rating:
To protect the enclosures of electrical equipments, RUGGEDBOOK products comply with the IP65/IP54 certified according to the defined in the international standard IEC60529 for protection against dust and water. The product are tested and certified by SGS Reliability Laboratory Taiwan.

To withstand severe environments, RUGGEDBOOK products are with the MIL-STD-810 military grade certification for protection against drop, vibration, mechanical shock, thermal shock, and durability in wide temperature, altitude and humidity.

EMC/EMI and Safety:
To comply with the applicable international requirements, RUGGEDBOOK products pass EMC/EMI and comply with product safety certifications that are with FCC, CE, BSMI, cUL, TUV, and CB approval.

Green Policy:
Under Green Policy concept, we aim to attain customer satisfaction as well as maintaining the environment clean. Moreover than that, we follow the European Union Directive on the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and are proud to be part of programs for recycling and reusing our products worldwide. Also, we conducted the law of Restriction on Hazardous Substances (RoHS).

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