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Samwell International Inc. is an established force in the rugged computing product market with over a decade of experience. Samwell develops, refines and employs specialized technologies that enable harsh environment operation of our products in various industries and applications. Our goal is to meet all requests for reliability and performance, and to provide our products with the ability to withstand shock, abuse and exposure to dust, water, humidity, vibration, altitude and extreme operating temperatures. Samwell performs both inhouse and independent third party ruggedness testing to ensure the quality and performance of RUGGEDBOOK products.
At Samwell, we make state-of-the-art technology and state-of-the-art computing products available to our customers. We use the latest Intel processor platforms, advanced outdoor/sunlight-readable displays, a variety of digitizer and touch screen technologies, and long-lasting batteries. With wireless communication a necessity in rugged computers, our products integrate the latest versions of WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS and WWAN technology for instant two-way communication.
As our name implies, ruggedness is key for all RUGGEDBOOK products, and we provide that with magnesium-alloy housings, protective bumpers, shock-mounting, fanless design and overall build quality that stands up to daily use and abuse in the field.
Our goal is to provide RUGGEDBOOK customers with a full range of computing products that help perform tough jobs in harsh working environments reliably, effectively and efficiently. Advanced technology, and inherently rugged design make RUGGEDBOOK products suitable for economical deployment in a wide range of environments, including, but not limited to, field service, government, construction, manufacturing, transportation, logistics, medical, hospitality and retail."

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