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Samwell in-house repair team is dedicated to resolving product issues. Our trained staff will evaluate the problem within the first few days of receiving the return. When we have confirmed the problem we will contact the customer and assign a "RMA NO." to trace the repair process.

  1. Please complete the RMA form with your name, return address, phone number, fax number, and model and serial number to be repaired.
  2. In the "Notice 1" section, please thoroughly description and explains of problem.
    And mail it to
  3. If our engineer confirm you must return back for fix..You will be contacted with an RMA number.
  4. When shipping unit(s). Please use the RMA printout as a packing slip and return it to Samwell. Please keep a record of your RMA number for referencing. Direct Contact Options: Contact Samwell Support Directly RMA Form
  5. You will be notified of charges incurred in the repairs.
  6. Please use "Contact us", if you have any questions.
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